Blog Making

Blogs (“blog” is shortened for “weblog”) are components of websites set up like journals that are updated on a regular basis.

Like articles, blogs are topical; however, they are generally less informal than articles and can be written from a first-person perspective. A blog is primarily based on opinion. This can be satirical, allowing the blogger to write a witty commentary on each particular topic, which is a good way to build a following.

Blogs can, also, be used to promote other products or services, whether through personal opinion or otherwise. For example, a blogger can write product reviews on a regular basis. If a particular blogger has a solid following, whether promoted through social media or otherwise, the blog can serve as a great way to sell a product.

Social media influencers regularly generate sales by promoting content online, whether through written blogs or vlogs (video blogs). Blogs of vlogs can be presented as tutorials, instructionals, or reviews, while actually serving as a way to positively push the particular product being discussed.

Blogs vary in length but are typically more succinct than articles. However, like articles, blogs that are 200 words or under are usually poorly received. It is often unoriginal content strung together from other sources. Many find it as a way to bait readers without expressing any useful information, interesting commentary, or thought-provoking content.

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