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For many writers, becoming a published author is a career dream; an elusive goal that is a difficult, daunting task. Years ago, when the printed press was virtually the only option for authors, publishing a book involved sending out copies of a manuscript to author after author, hoping it would land on the right person’s desk. For new authors, this usually meant facing rejection letter after rejection letter declining to publish that person’s life’s work. However, online publishing has opened a world of possibilities for new authors, who no longer need to rely on agents to make publishing a book a reality. In fact, the publication of an eBook can ultimately lead to the printed publication of a book. Whether published electronically or through the printing press, there are many hurdles and logistics between writing a book and actually getting it to the publication phase. Copy editing, formatting, proofreading, creating a cover, converting from one format to another and more, followed by creating a buzz and generating interest and publicity are all steps that are taken prior to publishing. Fortunately, publishing industry experts can help you to get through all the red tape and stumbling blocks between writing a manuscript and finally getting it published, making a would-be author’s dream an attainable reality and a true possibility.

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