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eBooks are electronic versions of books. A book can be both published electronically and in print, or can be strictly published electronically. eBooks have opened up a new world of self-publishing for authors, allowing new content to be introduced to readers and shared via the internet. Some authors who are established and well-known launched their careers by publishing eBooks, so it is certainly not a medium to be dismissed or overlooked. A huge amount of readers have turned to eBooks due to their convenience, portability and instant accessibility. Unlike printed books, eBooks can be accessed anytime, anywhere. So, eBooks comprise a huge market for the most prolific authors in the world and are regularly read by millions of people. Whether it’s a book written by a brand new author or a reprinting of a classic piece of literature, eBooks are a huge market. They can be read via computers, tablets, mobile devices and through other electronic media (for example, Amazon’s Alexa can read ebooks). Professional eBooks are expected to meet the same standards and criteria as printed books; the rules of publishing must be followed and an eBook should be carefully edited, revised and redrafted, meeting vigorous standards prior to publishing. As such, professional authors are often retained to write or co-write, publish and edit eBooks.